Ph: (06) 345-3968 | | The Racecourse, Purnell Street, Wanganui

Wanganui Jockey Club

Ph: (06) 345-3968 | | The Racecourse, Purnell Street, Wanganui

Ph: (06) 345-3968|

Wanganui Jockey Club

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Date Race Day Details
2nd Jul 2020 Thursday

Mid Year Winter raceday

12th Jun 2020 Friday

Clan's raceday

31st May 2020 Sunday

Queen's Birthday weekend raceday featuring the Ag Challenge Stakes, Foxton Cup and Castletown stakes

7th May 2020 Thursday

Jumps raceday

2nd Apr 2020 Thursday

Industry raceday

14th Feb 2020 Friday

Doubleheader with the Wanganui Greyhound Racing Club

9th Jan 2020 Thursday

Summer raceday

30th Nov 2019 Saturday

'Christmas At The Races' featuring the Wanganui Cup

19th Sep 2019 Thursday

Jumps raceday

7th Sep 2019 Saturday

Guineas & Fillies feature raceday featuring the HS Dyke Wanganui Guineas & Fillies O'Learys Stakes

18th Aug 2019 Sunday

Jumps Day featuring the Jolt Coffee House Wanganui Steeplechase

4th Jul 2019 Thursday

Mid-Year Winter Raceday

13th Jun 2019 Thursday

Clan’s Race Day

1st Jun 2019 Saturday

Ag Challenge Stakes Day

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